Cycling in Florida – Key Biscayne

After watching Black Vultures pecking away at the rubber trim on a vehicle in parking lot of the Anhinga Trail in Everglades National Park, we headed over to Key Biscayne for a cycle around that area. At Key Biscayne, we cycled around the urban streets looking at fancy beach homes and interesting lawn ornaments and then cycled down to the the lighthouse.

Couldn’t get away from the Anhingas and the Herons as they seemed to be everywhere that we cycled.

The homes weren’t the only thing of interest along the coastline as a boat or two also caught my attention.

I climbed up the circular staircase to the lookout area at the top.

The beach below was almost vacant, a testimony to the low temperatures.

So far in this trip, sunshine had been hard to find and this day was no exception although the thankfully, the temperature had begun to rise a bit.

It was time to leave the lighthouse so that they could close the doors for the evening so we hoped on our bikes and headed back to the truck.

Looking out over the bay from where our truck was parked we could see kites aloft in all directions. A bit tough to photograph against the evening light but definitely a fun sight to see.




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