Ottawa to Morrisburg – a bit of snow and a few stops

Ottawa to Morrisburg – a bit of snow and a few stops
The weather forecast said that the weather would be nice in Morrisburg so when Jeremy and I left Ottawa we weren’t expecting to encounter any tough sledding during the drive to get there. Mother Nature decided to test us a bit with a bit of a snow squall when we approached the junction of the 416 and the 401 highways. We decided to avoid the 401 and take the more leisurely route along the shores of the St. Lawrence River, stopping for a few photo breaks along the way. I was happy that the snow squall didn’t follow us and we were soon away from the adverse weather.

When we pulled into a parking lot in Cardinal, I was somewhat surprised to find that Mr. and Mrs. Claus were there too!. Santa questioned me about being naughty or nice, discussed the weather -snow for Christmas (it was snowing a the time), and something about chimney smoke. Apparently, he hadn’t received my Christmas list yet! I thought that I’d given it to him a week earlier at Stonehaven Manor. Oh well, must have a lot on his mind or a case of mistaken identity :-).

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