New York, New York

Heading home from our travels to Kenya and Tanzania in East Africa and now back in North America after about 24 hours of travel time. Been fingerprinted, frisked, full body scanned and interrogated numerous times in the past 24 hours and have managed to maintain my sense of humor. Each time that I have been asked to take off my belt, I have been thankful that I didn’t lose any weight while on safari. Each time that I took off my well worn boots and sent them through the x-ray machines I hoped no bells would go off. A small pair of nail clippers got me pulled aside at one location but, other than that, we made it to JFK. Now just the flight to Montreal and the drive from there to Ottawa.

Photos: Took plenty but weren’t able to upload reliably while away so watch for plenty over the next few weeks. We’ll be backdating the uploads to the days when the photos were taken.

The days we spent in Tanzania are now accessible from here: Tanzania

The days spent in Kenya are now accessible from here: Kenya


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  1. William Hay says:

    Hooray! Now You have to go to Asia to get pictures of tigers! Looking forward to the pictures of lions!

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