African Safari – October 27th – Lake Naivasha to Narok, Kenya

African Safari – October 27th – Lake Naivasha to Narok, Kenya

The journey from Lake Naivasha to Masai Mara was a long one and consisted of three road types: paved, paved with large potholes, and finally gravel with all manner of rough surfaces. The portion from Lake Naivasha to Narok, Kenya was the paved portion. Almost everything from that point on was just plain rough to just about intolerable.

As with any good tourist area, the tour leaders always know where the public washrooms can be found. Amazing how a curio shop is always right nearby :-).

This curio shop was one of the largest that I have seen and carried a very nice selection of African crafts and merchandise. Prices seemed to be a bit higher than we found elsewhere but bartering was the norm so the final price was rarely the starting price.

Our route took us south toward Nairobi and then we headed west acrosss the flor of the Great Rift Valley past the satellite dishes that we had seen in the distance when atop the escarpment a couple of days earlier.

As we passed this watering hole, I was again reminded of how similar this landscape was to the Canadian Prairies and the cattle country of southern Alberta.

Donkeys still play an important role as “beasts of burden” in this agricultural area and traveling long distances by foot is still quite common.

Narok is a fairly large town (about 40,000 pop.) and is in Maasai territory. As we got closer to Narok, Maasai men dressed in their traditional red clothing was a common sight.

Umbrella Acacia

Unless arriving in Masai Mara by plane, most traffic must pass through Narok. (Location) It is the commercial hub for the area and, importantly for tourists, has multiple ATM outlets and fuel stations.

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