Amsterdam – Heineken Factory

Amsterdam – Heineken Factory

Due to my “chemical engineering” mind, I decided to check out the Heineken factory with fellow Contiki travellers… yeah I’m full of fun reasons. The museum is quite a complex set-up where history and equipment abound.

Look at me! I’m a beer Label… and clearly not a standing upright one either…

Interesting factoid – Heineken bottles sold in Netherlands and some other countries are sold in the original brown bottles. However, when marketing to the US and some other more “western” countries the bottle colour they used was green because in those markets brown was associated with well… you know.

Above is a picture of the Contiki Crew, whereas below is my chemical engineering instincts took hold!

Although admission to the museum was a bit expensive, it was worth the price of admission (if you like beer 🙂 ).

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