Osgoode Medieval Festival 2009

Osgoode Medieval Festival 2009

Just South of Ottawa is the small town of Osgoode, Ontario which hosts an annual festival of Medieval Proportions. There is a lot to do at one of these festivals, they have a marketplace, jousting arena (professionals only), archery, hand to hand combat, etc.

At the market you could purchase any number of period trinkets and clothing, even have a demonstration on how your newfound iron loach would of been made.

The archery demonstration was full of extremely skilled archers, they not only showed off talent but where also extremely knowledgeable about the types of bows available back in Medieval times and who used them.

Next we have the hand to hand combat. Where brute and barbarians go into the arena!

Only to be bested by small children with foam weapons!

After that treat of mortal combat and bloodshed onward to the dancing!

and more dancing

and live Celtic Music from Celtic Sea!

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