Flatiron Building – New York City

Originally called the Fuller Building when it was completed in 1902, this triangular building is now known as the Flatiron Building . My first experience with flatiron buildings was when I first saw the Gooderham Building in Toronto’s distillery district. The Gooderham Building is older by ten years (1892) and much shorter, but both buildings are landmark buildings designed to fit on triangular parcels of land in their respective cities.

Located at the corner of Fifth Avenue, Broadway Avenue and 23rd Street, this building was one of the tallest in New York City when it was built and now is a readily identifiable building having been accidentally destroyed in the movie Godzilla and then used as a newspaper office in Spiderman.

Flatiron Building – New York City

The Empire State Building gets lots of visitors but, for me, the Flatiron Building was high on my list and I was certainly happy that I took the time to visit it.

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