Lion’s Gate Bridge, Vancouver, British Columbia

Lion’s Gate Bridge, Vancouver, British Columbia

It was nice night with only a very slight breeze blowing so my brother and I headed out to Brockton Point Lighthouse in Stanley Park so that I could get some night shots of the lighthouse and the North Vancouver shoreline lights. I got my Manfrotto tripod set up, had the camera settings all figured out and was just about to press the remote shutter release when two vehicles pulled up, one of them a big stretch limo, throwing beams of light across the shoreline. I hoped they were going to just drive by but, instead, they just sat there for awhile. I wasn’t sure if I should wait or just pack up and leave. We waited. They left. I got my shot.

I also wanted to get some nice shots of Lion’s Gate Bridge with its lights shining and I was able to do that, too.

Also added in a shot of the Vancouver skyline.

All in all, a successful night and I didn’t get mugged!

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