Tully Castle, Northern Ireland

Tully Castle, Northern Ireland

From Wiki: (Irish: Caisleán an Tullach meaning “castle on the hill”) is a castle situated in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, near the village of Blaney, on Blaney Bay on the southern shore of Lower Lough Erne. The Blaney area takes its name from Sir Edward Blaney, who was among the English advance party sent to Fermanagh to organise the Plantation. Tully Castle is a fortified house with a rectangular bawn and was built for Sir John Hume, a Scottish planter, in 1619. The bawn had four rectangular corner towers. The castle was captured by Rory Maguire in the Irish Rebellion of 1641, burned and abandoned. Thereafter, the Hume family seat was replaced nearby with Castle Hume Hall designed by Richard Cassels.Tully Castle and village site are State Care Historic Monuments sited in the townland of Tully, in Fermanagh District Council area, at grid ref: H1267 5664.




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