Torr Head, County Antrim, Northern Ireland


Torr Head, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Torr Head is a lone outcrop of fused limestone jutting out into the sea and marks the closest point between Ireland and Scotland. As can be seen from the photos, heather was in bloom and a tough breeze was blowing. Nice to just sit on the bare rock, enjoy the view and let the freshening breeze blow away the world’s problems for a bit.

Jutting out from the mainland as it does, Torr Head provides a wonderful vantage point to observe the County Antrim shoreline

Looking back from the sea, the seemingly never-ending green of Irish fields and meadowlands spread out in all directions.

The coastguard station and housing facilities at Torr Head were abandoned int he 1920’s.

This is one part of the world where I never expected to see fuschia hedges so I was quite surprised to see the hedges beside the road to Torr Head bursting forth with red fushia blooms.

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