High Falls Trail, Algonquin Park East, Algonquin Park, Ontario

Autumn Colours (Staghorn Sumac)

High Falls Trail, Algonquin Park East, Algonquin Park, Ontario
I had been out on a camping trip in the southwest corner of Algonquin Park with photographers form the Ontario Photo Collective (OPC) when one of the members, Thomas, asked me if I had ever been to High Falls on the east edge of Algonquin Park. I hadn’t. He said it was a great place to visit with a camera so he showed me where it was on a map and I made arrangements to get home a day later and detoured through the east section of Algonquin Park stopping at both Barron’s canyon (separate post) and then High Falls. It made for a full day outing but a very enjoyable one.

High Falls Trail, Algonquin Park High Falls Trail, Algonquin Park

Walking the trail isn’t the only route to the falls but, today I was using my feet. Nice to see others still able to be out on the lakes this late int he season. Weather was perfect!

High Falls Trail, Algonquin Park Algonquin Park

Of course, although the falls were my goal, I did find a few reasons to stop along the way and capture and bit of the local colour.

Red on Black

At this time of the year it is dark by about 7:30PM so I knew that It would be getting dark by the time I was back to my car so I couldn’t stop too many times along the trail or I would never get to the falls :-).

Mushroom Mushroom

The “falls” consist of a series of short drops over smooth rocks followed by a very nice more typical looking falls with more pronounced vertical drop.

High Falls Trail, Algonquin Park

The upper section resembles a series of water slides and swimmers use them as such in the warmer months.

High Falls Trail, Algonquin Park

At first glance, when approaching the main falls from above, it doesn’t look too menacing.

High Falls Trail, Algonquin Park

However, since it wasn’t too menacing, or at first glance didn’t appear to be, I had to get in for a closer look :-).

High Falls Trail, Algonquin Park

Ah, finally, I felt a little like the folks who need to take a ride in the Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls as I climbed into position below the falls.

High Falls Trail, Algonquin Park

I could have stayed many hours in around High Falls this beautiful Autumn day but the shadows were quickly lengthening, and I knew that it would be dark on the trail before I got back to my car so I promised myself to come back and then headed back along the trail, but not before one last shot :-).

Eastern Garter Snake at High Falls

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