Perth Nature Reserve – Another visit


Perth Nature Reserve – Another visit

As I headed out of town for another visit to the Perth Wildlife Reserve, I wondered about what the Carp Landfill (a.k.a. Carp Mountain) might look like in a number of years and reflected on how controversial land fill sites are at one end of the ecological spectrum and then how tough it sometimes is to get funding to maintain wildlife areas both in urban areas and in rural areas.

It was overcast and a bit cooler out so the snakes were not out and about in the numbers that I had seen a few days earlier but there were enough fo them to keep me busy trying to photograph  them in the open. (Red-sided garter snake)

A bull frog waits in the shallows of the nearby marshland.  Larger bull frogs eat snakes and the snakes, in turn, are happy to eat smaller frogs.

The Northern Water Snake, as its name implies, is normally found in or around water but in the Spring when it is moving from the underground dens where it overwinters  back to the water it will be encountered on land and sometimes reasonably far from water.

Some creatures like to live in rather unsightly locations :-).

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