About MPT

Hello Everyone:

This website has been designed to highlight the photography of Ron and Graeme Hay when they are at home in Ontario and when they are venturing farther afield. We hope that you enjoy your visit to the home page and our blog entries of our regular photographic updates. If you want to explore the world of our previous travels through our camera lens, please click on any of the locations in the side bar to the right of the blog.


MegaPixel Travel is all about traveling as a photographer.

What makes a Traveller a Travelling Photographer vs. a Normal Tourist? Nothing physical (besides taking a camera!). Nothing especially special. It’s more in the focus and purpose of the trip where the enjoyment of the trip involves, in part, the joy of being able to be there in the first place, but equally important and perhaps more important at a certain level, the joy of being able to click a shutter in a foreign land or perhaps only a few miles or kilometers from home. Since many are unable to be travel in the first place – a lack of funds, a lack of opportunity, an incapacity due to health, work or even just a fear of flying – we enjoy the opportunity to travel and to use our photographic interests and the internet to bring others closer to the places that we visit.

As traveling photographers, we will take every opportunity to look at the tourist points-of-interest from some different angle or under different or unique lighting to get that hopefully unique picture reflecting life in an unknown land or unfamiliar location or, in the case of macro and close-up photography, life at a level or scale that folks would not normally observe in the day-to-day rush to get from point A to B. We strive to assemble a collection of images that will portray the people or landscape in some meaningful way – tell a story, reveal a bit of history, capture a fleeting moment. Each image hopefully has its story. It isn’t just a pretty picture without context. It reflects a specific glimpse of a moment in time that will never be replicated. We hope, through our photography to find that story and be able to relay that information to others.

For us, it is our joy of traveling and the joy of clicking a shutter and telling a story through our captured moments that we hope will come through in what we present to the world though our efforts on this website. Please let us know when we have succeeded.

The site is maintained and updated by Graeme & Ron, who carry their cameras with them whenever they travel. They enjoy travelling the world for that “one shot” that makes a trip memory captured for all time. Ron is ‘retired’; Graeme is not.

All content (photo, video, text, etc) produced on this site is copyright either Ron Hay or Graeme Hay 2010, all rights reserved. It is not for unauthorized distribution nor is it news worthy for syndication – contact Graeme at travel@hayphoto.ca for permission and licensing terms if you want to use site content.