Wawa, Ontario

Wawa, Ontario (Location)

Our efforts on the Beaton Lake breeding bird survey route had to be cut short because of adverse weather conditions – rain and wind.

As we drove south from White River, we couldn’t shake the rain and drizzle and decided that staying in the Northern Lights motel would be a better idea than setting up a tent. We hoped that the weather would eventually clear enough to allow us to do a it of sightseeing in the Wawa area and about 3PM some blue sky did begin to return but not for long as another bank of cloud would roll in to replace that which had left.  Thankfully, the rain did stop and the skies did eventually clear. In northern Ontario, at this time of the year, the sun sets quite late in the evening so there is sufficient light for photography until 8PM or later.

This post provides a snapshot of the various sightseeing opportunities in the vicinity of Wawa, Ontario that we visited late in the day on June 12th and one falls that we visited on the 13th before heading home.  Clicking on the following images or the underlined titles will take you to a more detailed post and more photos relating to that historic site or scenic point.

Tremblay Flats Cemetery
Government Dock BeachMichipicoten River Cemetery
Silver Falls

After visiting Silver Falls, we decided that it was time to get something to eat and headed back to #17 Hwy where we found the Kinniwabi Pines Restaurant.  The restaurant is a family run restaurant that offers fine dining, pleasant service and a wonderful view from the outdoor deck. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of eating there before we headed off to our next stop – The town dump :-).

The Michipicoten Dump

Having seen what we wanted to see at the town dump, we still had a bit of daylight left to try and find our next stop, “High Falls”.

Magpie River High Falls

By the time that we were leaving the parking lot at the Magpie High Falls, dusk had arrived but we continued on in search of more points of interest and sights to see. Twilight lasts a long time in Northern Ontario in June!

Lion’s Beach, Wawa Ontario

Wawa Goose Sculptures

We chose to stop at Northern Lights Motel a few kilometers north of Wawa.  The current owners of this motel have really done a lot to make it visitor friendly. In addition to instructions by the TV which actually were easy to understand and actually worked, they have decorated the motel room with many interesting touches, a few of which are shown here.



The next day, we stopped to take a look at the small falls that is a short hike into the woods across the highway from the Northern Lights Motel.

Northern Lights Falls

Then it was on to Wawa again to fill up with gas before heading further south.



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