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Batchawana Bay and Lake Superior Shoreline

Batchawana Bay and Lake Superior Shoreline

Last year, when we drove along the Lake Superior shoreline on the way to Sault Ste. Marie, we stopped at a number of locations to take a look at this scenic east coast of Lake Superior. This year, we did the same except that we stopped at some different locations along the way.

Before arriving at Batchawana Bay Provincial Park (location), we stopped at a scenic pullout that provided a look over a broad expanse of water.  I couldn’t just stand at the top of the cliff.  It seemed imperative, at the time, that I just had to get down to the water’s edge! Photographic reasons of course! Lots of rocks to slip on :-).

One thing that is very interesting about the Lake Superior shoreline is the change from rocky shore to sandy beach that sometimes occurs quite quickly. We would see this difference within a few miles when we reached Batchawana Bay Provincial Park. Meanwile I had to stop photographing wet rocks and figure out how to climb back up the cliff and back to the car.

The beach at Batchawana Bay is pretty extensive and is composed of  fine soft sand.  Lake Superior waters never get really warm but, in areas like Batchawana Bay, the shallow waters can get warm enough to be swimmable (sp?).

After a short walk along part of the sand beach, we headed further south stopping often.  It seemed that every bridge in this part of the world was being repaired as part of the provincial infrastructure project.




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