Naples, Italy

Naples, Italy – The quick tour

Wasn’t a lengthy tour by any stretch of the imagination, so I’m being nice and calling it a quick tour of Naples.

Naples was not on the original agenda but, due to poor weather conditions, which forced a cancellation of the visit to the Isle of Capri, a juggling of the agenda meant that our tour leader had to rearrange things. One option was to fit in a stop in Naples and that is exactly how I found myself moving quickly through an interesting part of Naples with camera clicking and feet moving quickly.

Our bus stopped near the harbor, our tour leader told us to be careful due to a higher possibility of bad characters around Naples tourist sites, and off a number of us headed in various directions while others decided to remain nearer to the safety of the bus.

Naples is a large port city located on the Bay of Naples. It is northwest of Mount Vesuvius and, due to wind conditions, has generally been spared some of the inconvenience and deaths that have accompanied the numerous eruptions of Mt. Vesuvius over the years. Its harbor is home to recreational vessels, working ships, cruise ships and various other sorts of marine vessels from rowboats to research vessels to perhaps pleasure craft of the rich and famous.

Naples has been the site of many a power struggles over the years and still has much evidence of that preserved in its museums and still-standing buildings. I’m certain that tourists with a bit of time could find plenty to explore.

In the case of our tour bus, we came to a stop on a side street close to the large Piazza del Plebiscito which is a large semi-circular plaza with the Royal Palace a feature of the east side and the Church of San Francisco di Paola with its neo-classical colonnade wrapping its arms around the west side of the plaza.

Side of Royal Palace

Church of San Francisco di Paola

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