Trying out a new (old) lens: Nikkor-H 28mm f3.5

Snow on Ottawa RIver at Dick Bell Park

Nikkor-H 28mm f3.5: I purchased another vintage lens today.  It has definitely seen better days and has lots of wear but it still works, so I will find a place for it in my bag on those days when I don`t want to carry around the much newer, larger zoom lenses. Some days, I expect  that this small, old, much lighter and less obtrusive MF lens will be just what I need.

Today`s subject for trying out the lens was simple to find – snow over a wide expanse. The Ottawa River by Dick Bell Park served the purpose beautifully. I was going to return to Britannia Beach, where the New Year`s Day Polar Bear plunge through a hole in the ice was the first exciting event of the New Year, but decided that snow is snow and ice is ice and I didn`t have to walk as far from the parking lot at Dick Bell Park.

Snow on Ottawa River at Dick Bell Park

As can be seen from the photos, Spring has not arrived yet. Today was not bad if you were out of the wind, but standing on the side of this open area by the Ottawa River was a chilling experience as the wind whipped the snow past my ears.

Snow on Ottawa River at Dick Bell Park

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