Canadian Tulip Festival – 60th Anniversary – May 4-21, 2012

Canadian Tulip Festival – 60th Anniversary – May 4-21, 2012

When I first looked at the headline in the Monday edition of the Ottawa Citizen (March 5th, 2012), my first reaction was one of dismay as I read “Tulip Festival pulls up NCC event roots”.  Then, I read further and realized that the headline was discussing the location of the events not the demise of the tulip beds.

The headline did make me think of when I would need to be in town this year if I was intending to photograph the beautiful magnolias and tulips and other Spring flowering beauties that Ottawa parks are famous for each Spring.

This year might be completely different from last year since the precise timing of the best displays is always dependent on the weather conditions.

Here is my timing from 2011.

(Click on the image to go to the photos for that day)

May 6th – Day one of the 2011 Tulip Festival – The overcast skies kept the tulips wrapped up but the Forsythias and Magnolias kept doing their thing to brighten the landscape. The daffodils were no slouches either.

May 7th – After a few days of overcast, the tulips got their bit of sunshine and responded.
May 10th – The sun came out and the tulips opened up nicely around Dow’s Lake.
May 12th – Tulip beds in full bloom at Major’s Hill Park

Nothing is guaranteed but, with snow still on the ground and a forecast temperature of +12C less than 24 hours away, the idea of going back and looking at my tulip entries for 2011 certainly has had an uplifting effect :-).

Hard to believe a forecast of +12C with sunshine in March but I won’t complain!



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5 Responses to Canadian Tulip Festival – 60th Anniversary – May 4-21, 2012

  1. ron hay says:

    All is alive and well here in Cuba. Going into Varadero by bus Monday today and to Havana on Wednesday for the day tour. Weather has been nice and warm with a good breeze each day so far. Overcast today with a nice rainbow seen from our balcony. Room lovely but so far the phone doesn’t work. We are at Barcelo Cayo Libertad.

  2. ron says:

    Cuba vacation update – Took the vacation bus into Varadaro today. Very windy. A bit of rain. Otherwise fine.
    Not sure what we will be doing on Tuesday.

    • Ron says:

      Walked to the Varadero Nature reserve area today. Interesting place about 3 km from our resort with about a 1km loop through natural area. Didn’t see any poisonous frogs. Didn’t look for bats in the caves so might return later in the week if time permits. Internet from here is slow so won’t be updating the blog until after our return to Canada.

  3. ron says:

    Havana trip went well. Weather and tour guide both good. Didn’t buy anything but had a great lunch.

  4. RON says:

    Lasr full day on vacation in Cuba. Managed to escape any serious sunburn. Lots of photos to start uploading to blog once I return to Ottawa. Temperature today dropped quickly about 4PM prompting thoughts of sweaters and jackets. Significant storm passed us by but provided nice lightning show across the bay.

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