Cycling in Florida – Flamingo, Florida and Crocodiles

We woke up this morning with frost on the picnic table but with a nice blue sky overhead so we decided that cycling to Flamingo to see the crocodiles would be a good way to spend the day. We decided that peddling the 65 mile round-trip distance might be a bit too optimistic so drove part way by truck.

One nice thing about cycling in the Everglades is that there are no hills to climb although we did have to navigate through one ‘pass’ where the elevation above sea level was 4 feet and through another location where the elevation was five feet.

Along the way we stopped to watch four people and their large cooler get into one canoe. At first, they had one of the women sitting atop the cooler but that proved a bit tippy. They finally got underway and arrived back at the roadway at the same time as we passed this spot later so obviously they survived the trip but I will admit to expecting a splash when I first saw them.

At least one photographer along the way had more equipment than I was carrying on my bike.

Although I might have been a bit anxious about canoeing through the mangroves, I think that canoeing in the more open sections would have been enjoyable if we had had the time.

Got to Flamingo okay and found crocodiles to photograph.

There were a few more birds to photograph and then we ate a large hot dog and started to peddle back to the truck. Wish I hadn’t eaten that hot dog!

By the time that we got back to the area of the truck the sun had set and the skies had darkened but not before treating us to a wonderful sunset.




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