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Open Gate Brewery – Dublin Ireland

The open gate brewery is about a 5 minute walk around to the back of the storehouse. Unlike the storehouse which is a tourist circus the storehouse is a quiet affair which opens later in the afternoon.

It does require you to buy a ticket online in advance and was mainly filled with Irish locals (accents) and clearly a “date night” destination or with friends. There is a gate with a door man who will ask you your name and check you off the list.

What makes this pub unique and worth the visit is that this is where Guinness has it’s experimental beers. With various IPA and other beers available with unique flavours and colourful names.

Who wouldn’t want to try an IPA which goes through a Pineapple serving stage?

The 9€ entrance fee covers one pint of beer of your choosing OR a flight of beers to test. I went with the latter as you can see below.

Right to Left: Pineapple Cintra, Here we Gose gain, Papa don’t Peach, Honey + Fig Ale

Now I should premise that I’m not a beer drinker but I did quite enjoy the smoother flavours and having just drank a pint and a half of Guinness at the storehouse I wasn’t going to push it. But with some small slider burgers I ordered in addition (food prices were quite high) here is the results.

Testing beer #1

Each one was a unique beer, the two on the right ended up being too bitter/punchy for me while two on the right were quite good and if I had more room I could see getting a pint of the Honey + Fig Ale; that was delicious.

The verdict – Less Beer means I liked it more

Finally part of this pub purpose is to gather feedback from clients and there was a large blackboard where you could indicate what you thought out their latest products.

Most current brews

Finally it should be noted that when I say “experimental” there could be just a keg or two of each beer brew and often each flavour is only available for a limited time so when you visit it could be completely different selection, but it definitely worth the walk over from the store house.

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