New England Trip 2012 – Day 2 – Tupper Lake, NY

New England Trip 2012 – Day 2 – Tupper Lake, NY

After photographing the flock of Wild Turkeys at Higley Flow State Park, we headed further south to Tupper Lake where we stopped at a couple of locations including a parking lot by the ball diamond where I noticed this sign that seems to imply that the ball park is only open during the hours when children and adults alike are unlikely to be around to use it. I’m certain that that isn’t the intended meaning but it did make me smile a bit to try and figure it out.

Tupper Lake, NY is on the western edge of the Adirondack Mountains and, at one time in its history, was a very important lumber town with a very large mill.  This history is celebrated each year during the Tupper Lake Woodsmens Days celebrations and competitions.

The body of water that now forms a larger lake and waterfront for the town of Tupper Lake is actually consists of three lakes that became one in the 1870’s when a dam was constructed at Setting Pole Rapids on the Raquette River.

Prior to the creation of the dam, three lakes (Tupper Lake, Raquette Pond and Simon Pond) were considered to be separate bodies feeding the Raquette River. The Raquette River is the second longest in New York state and eventually empties into the St. Lawrence River at Akwesasne. In more recent times, tourism provides a significant portion of the income of the Tupper Lake community as canoeing and hiking and fishing opportunities abound in the waters and the hills of the region.

More adventures were awaiting (and so was my wife :-)) so I was soon back in the car to continue our southward travels.



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