2012 Kanata Badminton Club Annual General Meeting

2012 Kanata Badminton Club Annual General Meeting

It is almost the end of another successful season for the members and executive of the Kanata Badminton Club and that means that it is time for another annual general meeting. The KBC is a recreational badminton club which has about 140 members. Three local area schools are used by this club which provides organized badminton five nights a week during winter months. I have been a member of the club for quite a few years and am one of the older members but still enjoy winning a game or two especially on a good night against some of the younger members (40 y.o.’s). I am finding it a bit more difficult to keep up with the 20 y.o.’s so I let them do more of the running when they are my partners :-).

Tonight’s event was once again held at Tommy’s Dining Lounge and was well attended. I arrived a bit late and had to fight for a seat. The club’s President, Daoxing, was already well along in his review of the past year and was giving recognition and thanks to the club’s members and executive for their help in making it a good year. For the club, it was a bit of a transition year as membership increased and the club added a third school gym to its available mix of locations.

In addition to being an evening listening to speeches and eating Tommy’s great pizzas while waiting for an opportunity to elect the new executive, it is also a night where many prizes and awards are handed out for various accomplishments.  This year was the same but with a bit of a twist as Alex Yu was presented with a well-deserved award for the many hours that he puts in each year as treasurer, fun player and club promoter. From the look on his face, I think that he was surprised.

Jenny kept the meeting part of the evening moving along at a nice pace and, since I was taking the pictures, all I could do was hope that someone would be saving me a piece of the pizza. The pieces were disappearing from the serving trays quite rapidly (thanks, Bruce).

During the year, the club holds one internal tournament and provides some training and coaching sessions for its members.  This year, the tournament was organized in three sections so there were quite a few prizes to be handed out.

It is amazing how many times people have their eyes closed when they are being photographed. I try hard not to catch people with their eyes closed but sometimes it just happens :-).  He wasn’t sleeping through the presentation and plays a great game of badminton! Probably blinded by some of those phone cameras :-).

I was able to watch some of the A Section game’s in last year’s club tournament but missed seeing most of the action this time around. I’ve been told, though, that this year’s tournament winners in all three sections faced some pretty tough games on their way to victory.

And the winners of the A section were

…….. (drum roll please) …….

Fangwei (Zeng) and Chunyun (Jian).

Kevin, in the middle, was tournament organizer.

Remember how we started the awards with this fine award.

Well, after the tournament trophies were all handed out, it was time for some special plaques to be presented in appreciation for past volunteer service in the club. It wasn’t until This next image was of Jihong being presented with a plaque for her past achievements in various roles but, when looking at the image later, I realized that it also happened to be a picture of three of the Club’s presidents – past, present and future.

Psst – Down in front!


Next year’s executive with Bruce standing in for Kevin and Tat flying through with his brightly coloured jacket!

Remember to smile and watch the birdie.

If you are feeling nostalgic, my blog entry for last year’s AGM can be viewed here: 2011 Kanata Badminton Club AGM and Banquet

The club has a small number of openings for new members each year but normally fills its roster of available spaces over the summer months or by early in the Fall season. To learn more about the club or to add your name to the new members waiting list, please visit the club’s website.

Kanata Badminton Club website.



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