Butterfly Exhibit, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario

Emerald Swallowtail - Carleton University Butterfly Exhibit, Ottawa, Ontario
Emerald Swalllowtail from Malaysia.

Butterfly Exhibit, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario

Each fall, the Carleton University  Biology Department hosts an exhibit of live butterflies in their greenhouses. Lots of fun as butterflies of more colours than one might imagine fly from flower to flower and along the way land on visitors clothing, hands and hair. Pathways in the greenhouses are a bit cramped for photography due to the popularity of the event.  In addition, the heat and high humidity can fog lenses when the camera is first brought into the building from the colder air outside.

Scarlet Swallowtail - Carleton University Butterfly exhibit, Ottawa, Ontario
Scarlet Swallowtail (Papilio rumanzovia) from the Philippines.

Update:  Dates for 2010 are October 2 to October 11, 2010. See Images from 2010 exhibit here: Carleton University Butterfly Exhibits

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