Black-Tailed Praire Dogs – Fort Whyte Centre, Fort Whyte, Manitoba

The Fort Whyte Center on the outskirts of Winnipeg is an interesting place to visit. One of the attractions is a small Black-Tailed Prairie Dog colony. In the wild the Black-tailed Prairie Dog can be a bit tough to photograph as they are quick to return to their subterranean burrow complex at any sign of danger. To them, a guy my size carrying a big camera with a big lens is a definite sign of danger :-). However, at the Fort Whyte Center where they are used to humans they can be more cooperative and sometimes even pose for the camera. They didn’t pose for me, unfortunately, but I have seen some pretty nice shots taken by my photographer friends when they have been visiting the Fort Whyte Center.

The Black-tailed Prairie Dog system of burrows can stretch great distances and the underground “prairie dog towns” can house thousands and thousands of these rodents.

As I was wandering around the site, I noticed this nice big cocklebur just waiting to latch onto someone’s clothing. I took its photo and left it for the next person.




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