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Mike Oldfield
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A short summary from Wiki: (More wiki info here: WIKI – MIKE OLDFIELD)
Michael Gordon “Mike” Oldfield (born 15 May 1953, Reading, Berkshire) is an English multi-instrumentalist musician and composer, working a style that blends progressive rock, folk, ethnic or world music, classical music, electronic music, New Age, and more recently, dance. His music is often elaborate and complex in nature. He is best known for his hit 1973 album Tubular Bells, which launched Virgin Records, and for his 1983 hit single “Moonlight Shadow”. He is also well known for his hit rendition of the Christmas piece, “In Dulci Jubilo”.

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What Mike Oldfield music I have in my cassette collection.

The Voyager

1 The Song Of The Sun
1 Celtic Rain
1 The Hero
1 Women Of Ireland
1 The Voyager
2 She Moves Through The Fair
2 Dark Island
2 Wild Goose Flaps Its Wings
2 Flowers Of The Forest
2 Mont St. Michel


1 Mistake
1 In High Places
1 Foreign Affair
1 Taurus III
1 Shadow On The Wall
1 Moonlight Shadow
2 Crisis

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