Mambazo, Ladysmith Black

Ladysmith Black Mambazo
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A short summary from Wiki: (More WIKI info here: WIKI – LADYSMITH BLACK MAMBAZO)
Ladysmith Black Mambazo is a male choral group from South Africa that sings in the vocal styles of isicathamiya and mbube. They rose to worldwide prominence as a result of singing with Paul Simon on his album, Graceland and have won multiple awards, including three Grammy Awards. They were formed by Joseph Shabalala in 1960 and later became one of South Africa’s most prolific recording artists, with their releases receiving gold and platinum disc honors.[1] The group has now become a mobile academy, teaching people about South Africa and its culture.

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What Ladysmith Black Mambazo music I have in my cassette collection.

Shaka Zulu

1 Unomathemba
1 Hello My Baby
1 At Golgotha
1 King Of Kings
1 The Earth Is Never Satisfied
2 How Long?
2 Home Of The Heroes
2 These Are The Guys
2 Rain, Rain, Beautiful Rain
2 Who Were You Talking To?

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