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Indigo Girls
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A short summary from Wiki: (More Wiki info here: WIKI – INDIGO GIRLS)
he Indigo Girls are an American folk rock music duo, consisting of Amy Ray and Emily Saliers. They met during elementary school and began performing together as high school students in Decatur, Georgia, part of the Atlanta metropolitan area. They started performing with the name “Indigo Girls” as students at Emory University, performing weekly at The Dugout, a bar in the Emory Village. They released a self-produced, full-length record album during 1987 and contracted with a major record company during 1988. After releasing nine albums with major record companies from 1988 through 2007, they have now resumed self-producing albums with their own IG Recordings company.

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What Indigo Girls music I have in my cassette collection.

Shaming Of The Sun

1 Shame On You
1 Get Out The Map
1 Shed Your Skin
1 It’s Alright Caramia
1 Don’t Give That Girl A Gun
2 The Leeds Scooter Boys
2 Everything In Its Own Time
2 Cut It Out
2 Burn All The Letters
2 Hey Kind Friend

Live – Back On The Bus Y’All

1 1 2 3
1 Tried To BeTrue
1 You And Me Of The 10,000 Wars
1 Prince Of Darkness
2 Kid Fears
2 Left Me A Fool
2 All Along The Watchtower
2 1 2 3 (Studio Version)

Indigo Girls

1 Closer To Fine
1 Secure Yourself
1 Kid Fears
1 Prince Of Darkness
1 Blood And Fire
2 Tried To Be True
2 Love’s Recovery
2 Land Of Canaan
2 Centre Stage
2 History Of Us

Strange Fire

1 Strange Fire
1 Crazy Game
1 Left Me A Fool
1 I Don’t Wanna Know
1 Hey Jesus
2 Get Together
2 Walk Away
2 Make It Easier
2 You Left It Up To Me
2 Land Of Canaan

Nomads, Indians, Saints

1 Hammer And a Nail
1 Welcome Me
1 World Falls
1 Southland In The Springtime
1 1 2 3
1 Keeper Of My Heart
2 Watershed
2 Hand Me Downs
2 You And Me Of The 10,000 Wars
2 Pushing The Needle Too Far
2 The Girl With The Weight Of the World In Her Hands

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