Arsenault, Catherine

Catherine Arsenault

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A short summary from Wiki: Couldn’t locate anything specific in Wiki with respect to this performer.

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What Catherine Arsenault music I have in my cassette collection.

Arsenault, Catherine

1 Destiny
1 My Flame
1 The Weakness In Me
1 Give It Up Or Let Me Go
1 Can’t Deny
2 Grow To Love
2 Since I Fell For You
2 For You
2 Remember

4 Responses to Arsenault, Catherine

  1. Tian says:

    Wow! I just remembered Catherine’s music from the 80’s, wondered where she is, and presto there’t the old cover I recall! Do you know where we can hear her music? Is she still playing?

    • Ron says:

      Tian: Sorry to say that I have been unable to find anything that would be of help. The tape was distributed by Snowy River Records of Ottawa in 1987 but they too no longer exist under that name. Terry Tufts provided back-up vocals and banjo on the album and is still active so might be able to tell you more.

  2. Ron says:

    i wonder where she is ?, i use to play in a due with Chatherine, its been years since ive see her,

  3. Ron says:

    well im glad I recorded Chatherine when I use to play music with her ,, Ron Gagnon

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