Ride for Dad

Motorcycle Ride for Dad Event – Fighting Prostate Cancer

So, I awoke to the sounds of honking and beeping and with my initial glance out the window I saw that the police were at the intersection. I guessed that there must of been an accident. I went back to bed (I had a late night the night before as a presenter at an RASC meeting). 

Well, after a few minutes, the honking etc hadn’t stopped, so I got up to have a closer look.

First thing that came to mind, as I looked down at Carling Ave… “Oh my, that’s a lot of bikes!

Then secondly, “What are they all doing?”. Well I haven’t lived under a rock for the last 3 months, with all the advertisements about the Ride for Dad motorcycle event, but a bit of morning amnesia is never really such a bad thing.

So, I grabbed my camera and got some pictures from my balcony before heading down to grab some more street level pictures. And, down at street level, the noise and excitement was even greater as bike after bike and rows and rows of bikes passed by my location!




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Graeme is a traveler who enjoys photographing pretty much anything. He is also the webmaster for MegaPixelTravel.com
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  1. William Hay says:

    This is a ride I’ve ridden my Harley in with my friend Laura a couple of years now. Was at the first in Vancouver. Really big event. Lots of bikes and lots of fun. Great pics.

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