New Orleans, Louisiana

Some restaurants have more character than others - French Quarter - New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana

The first thing to do was find out where there was a good place to eat.  So we asked, “Where is the French Quarter is a good place to eat?”  And they answered, “Man, where you from? Don’t you know?  Everywhere in the French Quarter is a good place to eat!”

With that bit of introductory conversation out of way, a number of recommendations were provided and we headed out for that special “1st time ever in New Orleans” meal.  We weren’t to be disappointed with the quality of the food or service but the surroundings led us to believe that, in the French Quarter, at least, some restaurants have more ‘character’ than others.

After the delicious meal in the interesting restaurant with New Orleans ambiance, we spent a bit of time wandering around the better lit streets of the French Quarter and then took a look at the Mississippi River waterfront before heading back to the hotel to get some much needed rest.

A late night street corner - Decatur St. - French Quarter - New Orleans

All is finally pretty quiet - Decatur St. - French Quarter - New Orleans

A bit foggy over the Mississippi River - New Orleans

Old Paddlewheeler on the Mississippi River - New Orleans

Our first nights in New Orleans I had us booked into the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel and I didn’t know what this building was when I was out on our balcony (shoot first, ask questions later approach works best :-)). The next day, I learned that it was the Supreme Court Building and had taken 11 years to build. The saying, “The wheels of justice move slowly” came to mind when I learned that bit of history. They got a nice photogenic building in the end, though.

Supreme Court Building - French Quarter - New Orleans



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