Wild Turkeys on the Old Quarry Trail

Wild Turkeys on the Old Quarry Trail (Location)

My father continues his stay in the hospital and I was a bit early for visiting hours so I, once again, took the opportunity to walk a short distance up the Old Quarry Trail to see if the Wild Turkeys might be around again. To get to where the turkeys might be, I had to first pass though the gate keepers, 8 white-tailed deer looking for hand outs. I didn’t have my normal pocketful of carrots and apple chunks so they only got a couple of small bags of sunflower seeds this time around.

I got past the first ones with a bag of sunflower seeds left over and only a short distance along, another two were looking for me!

I wasn’t very interested in the deer on this trip and when I caught a glimpse of a Wild Turkey, a short distance away in the woods, I decided to leave the deer and try to get to were the turkeys were. A bit more difficult now that there is snow in the woods, but it wasn’t hard to find a packed down deer trail that would get me in the right direction. Once they realized that I had sunflower seeds for them too, the turkeys were very happy to accommodate my photographic interests.

A nice way to kill a few minutes before heading off to the hospital to visit with my father. Fun to tell him how I had to fend off the deer to get to the turkeys :-).

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2 Responses to Wild Turkeys on the Old Quarry Trail

  1. WOW! You had found some wild turkeys, i wonder why they love sun flowers?
    Tell this story to your father and the turkey magic might cure your father disease!

  2. Mike says:

    Cool pictures Ron….you amaze me with every single shot you take . Hoping your father will have a speedy recovery


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