Ottawa, Ontario – January 1, 2012 – Sears Great Canadian Chill – Stopping Kids Cancer Cold

A bit like real life, the participants were divided into groups or “waves” and as the event progressed, each wave seemed to get larger and more urgent.

Another “wave” in waiting.


Although the actual jump into the frigid water was a personal decision, there were lots of supporters!

Some needed that support, while others seemed to be ready for the dive even if no one else was there.  Do you ever hate that feeling in the summer time when someone jumps into the lake or pool right beside you? Imagine that feeling when the water is really ice-cold!

Once participants got to the front of the line it would have been a bit difficult to turn around considering all of that support and encouragement 🙂

We would have liked to present photos of all of the participants but some were a bit difficult for our lenses to find.



Some of the participants walked in somewhat more slowly than others. Some just took the “what the heck- let’s do it” or the “you do it, I’ll do it” approach. Others were a bit more contemplative of the moment that was just ahead of them.

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4 Responses to Ottawa, Ontario – January 1, 2012 – Sears Great Canadian Chill – Stopping Kids Cancer Cold

  1. Mike says:

    So you refuse to post the name of the foot in the water huh, hehehehe

    You can post my name Ron I give you permission to post my name Mike aka Crazymike as I told my wife what I did 🙂

    Was nice to see you again buddy cya next year

    Mike Brousseau

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