African Safari – October 25th – Driving through the Great Rift Valley

African Safari – October 25th – Down into the Valley

Once we had crested the top of the escarpment and stopped for a bit of time to take in the view and visited the curio shops that perched precariously on the edge of the escarpment, we headed downhill to the floor of the Great Rift Valley and continued further along to our destination.

For the most part, the travel along the floor of the Rift Valley was pretty flat and easy driving except for the delays in and around the road construction sites.

As we drove along, we often skirted small hills and inactive volcano cones indicative of the very active seismological past of this region of Africa.

My favourite soda pop was readily available at most locations that we visited, and often at lower cost than the applicable product would be in Canada and the US but interestingly, the Diet Cola was almost always priced at double the cost of the non-diet product. For those who would prefer to squeeze their own beverage, roadside vendors of bananas and oranges were plentiful.

Occasionally a family of baboons would be seen along the roadside but the most interesting sight was a baboon sipping on a yoghurt from a pink container.

Some of the towns and villages that we we passed had broad streets with blue-flowered Jacaranda trees planted down the median while for the most part the streets of others were much narrower and more congested.

Decorative flamingos atop the light standards were an indication to us that our destination, Lake Nakuru, was not far away.

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