Identification Guides

Links to some of our on-line images of birds, animals, reptiles and insects. We haven’t actually done a count but we expect that, if we did do a count, we would find that our present blog posts contain high quality images of over 500 species of birds, animals and insects and reptiles and amphibians. These images are scattered around so decided to add this section so that I could find the images more easily. Decided to make it publicly viewable in hopes that it might prove useful to others as well. Definitely a work in progress that gets sporadic attention.

The legal bit: These images and in accompanying information are presented here for personal viewing purposes only.  Copyright is retained by the authors at Megapixel Travel. Any commercial use or further distribution of images or accompanying information in whole or in part is prohibited unless specifically authorized by the authors or their copyright agents. No guarantees  or warranties of any kind are implied or intended.

These pages will not be as extensive in description or number of images as our Poison Ivy tutorial and will not be as detailed as a typical field guide but will likely evolve over time into something that might prove useful to novice as well as the more experienced observer of nature. Whenever possible common and scientific names will be provided and if we have them, we will include photos highlighting differences in gender and age if significant.

Completion time for the project will be rather open-ended as Graeme and I both have other activities that will keep us equally busy. We will be adding to the images as soon as practical from our existing files and whenever we photograph additional species during out travels.





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