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A short summary from Wiki:
Supertramp are a British rock band formed in 1969 under the name Daddy before renaming themselves in early 1970. Though their music was initially categorised as progressive rock, they have since incorporated a combination of traditional rock and art rock into their music. The band’s work is marked by the inventive songwriting of Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson and the distinctive voice of Hodgson. Supertramp were also well known for their prominent use of the Wurlitzer electric piano and saxophone.
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What Supertramp music I have in my collection

Breakfast In America

1 Gone Hollywood
1 The Logical Song
1 Goodbye Stranger
1 Breakfast in America
1 Oh Darling
2 Take The Long Way Home
2 Lord Is It Mine
2 Just Another Nervous Wreck
2 Casual Conversations
2 Child Of Vision

Even In The Quietest Moments

1 Give A Little Bit
1 Lover Boy
1 Even In The Quietest Moments
1 Downstream
2 Babaji
2 From Now On
2 Fool’s Overture

Crisis? What Crisis?

1 Easy Does It
1 Sister Moonshine
1 Ain’t Nobody But Me
1 A Soapbox Opera
1 Another Man’s Woman
2 Lady
2 Poor Boy
2 Just A Normal Day
2 The Meaning
2 Two Of Us

The Very Best of Supertramp

1 Goodbye Stranger
1 The Logicla Song
1 Bloody Well Right
1 Even In The Quietest Moments
1 Breakfast In America
1 Rudy
1 Sister Moonshine
1 Take The Long Way Home
1 Crime Of the Century
2 School
2 Dreamer
2 Ain’t Nobody But Me
2 Hide In Your Shell
2 From Now On
2 Give A Little Bit
2 It’s Raining Again
2 Cannonball
2 Free As A Bird

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