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The Proclaimers
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A short summary from Wiki: (More Wiki info here: WIKI – THE PROCLAIMERS)
The Proclaimers are a Scottish band composed of identical twin brothers, Charlie and Craig Reid (born 5 March 1962, in Leith). They are probably best known for the songs “Letter from America”, “I’m On My Way” and “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”. The band tours extensively throughout Europe and other continents. They have released eight studio albums from 1987 until the present, as well as two compilation albums and a DVD, and their next studio album is expected for 2012.

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What The Proclaimers music I have in my cassette collection.

Sunshine On Leith

1 I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)
1 Cap In Hand
1 Then I Met You
1 My Old Friend The Blues
1 Sean
1 Sunshine On Leith
2 Come On Nature
2 I’m On My Way
2 What Do You Do
2 It’s Saturday Night
2 Teardrops
2 Oh Jean

Hit The Highway

1 Let’s Get Married
1 The More I Believe
1 What Makes You Cry?
1 Follow The Money
1 These Arms Of Mine
1 Shout Shout
2 The Light
2 Hit The Highway
2 A Long Long Long time Ago
2 I Want To Be A Christian
2 Your Childhood
2 Don’t Turn Out Like Your Mother

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