Pikes, The Northern

The Northern Pikes
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A short summary from Wiki: (More Wiki info here: WIKI – THE NORTHERN PIKES)
The Northern Pikes are a Canadian rock band formed in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1984. The original members were Bryan Potvin, Jay Semko, Merl Bryck and Glen Hollingshead. Hollingshead left the band in 1985, and was replaced by Don Schmid in 1986. The band was active until 1993 and subsequently reunited in 1999.

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What The Northern Pikes music I have in my cassette collection.

Secrets Of The Alibi

1 Place That’s Insane
1 Walk Away
1 Wait For Me
1 One Good Reason
1 Blood She Wants
2 Let’s Pretend
2 Better Twice
2 Hopes Go Astray
2 Stars In The Sky
2 Hole In The Ground

Big Blue Sky

1 Teenland
1 You Sold The Farm
1 Things I Do For Money
1 Just Another Guy
1 Dancing In A Dance Club
2 Jackie T
2 Lonely House
2 Love And A Muscle
2 Never Again
2 Big Blue Sky

Snow In June

1 Dream Away
1 Love These Hands
1 Kiss Me You Fool
1 She Ain’t Pretty
1 Tomorrow Never Comes
1 Shadow Of Doubt
1 Shotgun Morning
2 Isn’t It Lovely
2 Unimportant
2 Am I In Your Way
2 Girl With A Problem
2 Green Fields
2 Snow In June


1 The Way You Are
1 Girl With A Problem
1 Believe
1 Unimportant
1 Things I Do For Money
1 Teenland
2 Worlds Awy
2 Hopes Go Astray
2 Why Cry
2 Dancing In A Dance Club
2 She Ain’t Pretty
2 Everything
2 Twister

Girl With A Problem

1 Girl With A Problem
2 Unimportant


1 Twister
1 Believe
1 All This Man Can DO
1 Worlds Away
1 Why Cry
1 Somedays
1 Crocodile Tears
1 What It’s Really About
2 Hold On
2 Chain Of Flowers
2 Francesca
2 Everything
2 Straight Line
2 Black Cat
2 The Way You Are

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