Mister, Mr.

Mr. Mister

Not an mp3 fanatic yet but might become one as MP3 album prices continue to feature sales – MP3s on sale at Amazon


What I have in my Cassette Collection.

Go On

1 Stand And Deliver
1 Healing Waters
1 Dust
1 Something Real
1 Inside Me/Inside You
1 The Tube
2 Control
2 Watching The World
2 Power Over Me
2 Man Of A Thousand Dances
2 The Border

Welcome To The Real World

1 Black/white
1 Uniform Of Youth
1 Don’t Slow Down
1 Run To Her
1 My Own Hands
2 Is It Love
2 Kyrie
2 Broken Wings
2 Tangent Tears
2 Welcome To The Real World

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