Mattea, Kathy

Kathy Mattea
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A short summary from Wiki: (More WIKI info here: WIKI – KATHY MATTEA)
Kathleen Alice (Kathy) Mattea (born June 21, 1959, in South Charleston, West Virginia) is an American country music and bluegrass performer who often brings folk, Celtic and traditional country sounds to her music. Active since 1983 as a recording artist, she has recorded seventeen albums and has charted more than thirty singles on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks charts. This total includes the number one hits “Goin’ Gone”, “Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses”, “Come From the Heart” and “Burnin’ Old Memories”, as well as twelve additional Top Ten singles.

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What Kathy Mattea music I have in my cassette collection.

Good News

1 What A Wonderful Beginning
1 There’s A New Kid In Town
1 Brightest And Best
1 Mary, Did You Know?
1 The Star
2 Emmanuel
2 Somebody Talking About Jesus
2 Nothing But A Child
2 Christ Child’s Lullaby
2 Good News

A Collection Of Hits

1 Love at the Five & Dime
1 Walk the Way the Wind Blows
1 Train of Memories
1 Goin’ Gone
1 The Battle Hymn of Love
2 Eighteen Wheels and aa Dozen Roses
2 Untold Stories
2 Life as We Knew It
2 A Few Good Things Remain
2 Where’ve You Been

Walking Away A Winner

1 Walking Away A Winner
1 The Streets Of Your Town
1 Maybe She’s Human
1 Clown In Your Rodeo
1 Who Turned Out The Light
2 Nobody’s Gonna Rain On Our Parade
2 Another Man
2 The Cape
2 Grand Canyon
2 Who’s Gonna Know

Lonesome Standard Time

1 Lonesome Standard Time
1 Lonely At The Bottowm
1 Standing Knee Deep In A River (Dying Of Thirst)
1 Forgive And Forget
1 Last Night I Dreamed Of Loving You
2 Listen To the Radio
2 Slow Boat
2 33, 45, 78 Record Time
2 Amarillo
2 Seeds

Time Passes By

1 Time Passes By
1 Whole Lotta Holes
1 What Could Have Been
1 Asking Us To Dance
1 Summer Of My Dreams
2 Harley
2 Quarter Moon
2 I Wear Your Love
2 A Few Good Things Remain
2 Ready For the Storm
2 From A Distance

Willow In The Wind

1 Come From The Heart
1 Here’s Hopin’
1 Burnin’ Old Memories
1 She Came Form Fort Worth
1 True North
2 Hills of Alabam’
2 Willow In The Wind
2 Love Chooses You
2 I’ll Take Care Of You
2 Where’ve You Been

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