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Jeanne Mas
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A short summary from Wiki: (More WIKI info here: WIKI – JEANNE MAS)
Jeanne Mas, born on 28 February 1958 in Alicante, Spain, is a French pop singer and actress. She was well known in France, Switzerland and Belgium for a number of hit singles released in the 1980s. From the late eighties onwards her career slid into the has-been category. Her 1980’s albums are good examples of the Euro disco electro-pop style popular in Continental Europe at the time, featuring synthesizers and very catchy melodies.

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What Jeanne Mas music I have in my cassette collection.

L’Art Des Femmes

1 L’Amour Du Mal
1 Le Contrechamp
1 Elle Est Moi
1 Les Bras En Croix
1 Les Reves De Maude
2 Tous Les Cris Les SOS
2 Shakespeare
2 L’Alba
2 L’Art Des Femmes
2 Alexandre M

Les Crises De L’Ame

1 Les Crises De L’Ame
1 Carolyne
1 Tango
1 Y’A Des Bons
1 Bebe Rock
2 Contre Toi
2 Flip Trip
2 Bulles
2 J’Accuse
2 Comme Un Heros
2 Dites-Lui

Jeanne Mas

1 Parle Et Ca Passe
1 Johnny, Johnny
1 Lisa
1 Toute Premiere Fois
1 Suspens
2 Coeur En Stereo
2 Oh Mama
2 Loin D’Ici
2 Pas De Cahnson
2 Flash

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