MacNeils, The Barra

The Barra MacNeils
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A short summary from Wiki: (More WIKI info here: WIKI – THE BARRA MACNEILS)
The Barra MacNeils are a Canadian musical group from Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia. The founding members of the group are siblings Sheumas, Kyle, Stewart, and Lucy MacNeil. In 2005 two additional brothers, Ryan and Boyd, joined the band. The Scottish island of Barra is the ancestral home of Clan MacNeil. The MacNeil siblings are from Cape Breton Island and began performing together in 1980 while still teenagers (Lucy MacNeil being only 10 years old). Consequently, they were only able to perform on weekends, and toured during school holidays. The siblings are classically trained musicians and alumni of Mount Allison University. In 1986, they released their first eponymous album on their own independent label.

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What The Barra MacNeils music I have in my cassette collection.


1 Banks of the Roses
1 Flow Time
1 Didn’t Hear The Train
1 Flower Basket Medley
1 Song For Peace
2 Isle Of My Dreams
2 Looking Back
2 Row, Row, Row
2 Ian Hardie Set
2 My Heart’s In The Highlands

The Question

1 Myopic
1 Scallaibh Curaidh Eoghaiin
1 The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan
1 Going Down The Road
1 Oh My
1 She The Ocean
1 All Or Nothing
2 17′
2 Turquoise Shoes
2 The Questin
2 Falling
2 Part of Me
2 Goin’ Back

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