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Ashley MacIsaac
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A short summary from Wiki: (More WIKI info here: WIKI – ASHLEY MACISAAC)
Ashley Dwayne MacIsaac (born February 24, 1975 in Creignish, Nova Scotia) is a Canadian professional fiddler from Cape Breton Island. His album Hiâ„¢ How Are You Today?, featuring the hit single “Sleepy Maggie”, with vocals in Scottish Gaelic by Mary Jane Lamond was released in 1995. MacIsaac published an autobiography, Fiddling with Disaster in 2003.

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What Ashley MacIsaac music I have in my cassette collection.

Hi! How Are You Today?

1 Beaton’s Delight
1 Sleepy Maggie
1 Rusty D-con-STRUCK-tion
1 The Devil In The Kitchen
1 MacDougall’s Pride
1 Spoonboy
2 What An Idiot He Is
2 Sophia’s Pipes
2 Sad Wedding Day
2 Wing-Stock
2 Hills Of Glenorchy
2 Brenda Stubbert

Close To The Floor

1 The Little House Around the Corner (Jig)
1 Traditional Winston (Jig)
1 The Wandering Minstrel (jig)
1 74th Highlanders’ (March)
1 Roderick MacDonald (Strathspey)
1 Sandy Cameron (Strathsprey)
1 Creigmish Hills (Reel)
1 A Pipe Tune (Reel)
1 A Mary MacDonald (Reel)
1 Hills of Lorne (Air)
1 Sir Archibald Dunbar (Strathspey)
1 Traditional (Strathspey)
1 Pat Carney’s (Reel)
1 Scourdiness (Reel)
1 Mre. Duff (Reel)
1 The New Fiddle (Jig)
1 Scotty’s Favourite (Jig)
1 3 Mile Bridge (Jig)
1 Champion (Jig)
1 Miss Lyall’s (Strathspey)
1 Miss Lyall’s (Reel)
1 Sandy Cameron’s (Reel)
1 Carigoim Beach (Reel)
2 Livingstone Pond (Jig)
2 Long Point (Jig)
2 Champion (Jig)
2 Lament for Prophet (Air)
2 Moxham Castle (Strathspey)
2 Children’s Reel (Strathspey)
2 Dublin’s Reel
2 Miss Eleanor Stewart (March)
2 Glen Grant (Strahspey)
2 Miss Robertson (Reel)
2 Donalbane (Reel)
2 Blue Bonnets Over the Border (Air)
2 Irish Lasses (Jig)
2 Cambridge (Jig)
2 Aubrey Foley’s (Jig)
2 Bonnie Anne Anderson (Strathspey)
2 Headlight (Reel)
2 Believe It or Not (Reel)
2 Mist Over the Loch (Reel)

Fine Thank You Very Much
Ashley MacIsaac Fine Thank You Very Much
1 I. The Rosebud of Allenvale (slow air)
1 The Miller of Drone (Strathspey)
1 Dusky Meadow (Strathspey)
1 Neil R. MacDonald (Strathspey)
1 Maggie Cameron (Strathspey)
1 MacLaine of Loch Buie (Reel)
1 Traditional Reel (Reel)
1 Barry’s Trip To Paris (Reel)
1 II. The Braes Of Elchies (Jig)
1 Miss Anderson(Jig)
1 The New Yorr (Jig)
1 Rothiemurchus Rant (Strathspey)
1 Culloden Well (Strathspey)
1 Lady Loudon (Strathspey)
1 The Bonnie Lass Of Fisherow (Reel)
1 The Bird’s Nest (Reel)
1 Argyle Bowling Green (Reel)
1 III. The Moonlight (Clog)
1 Hennessey’s Hornpipe (Hornpipe)
1 Gin I Had A Bonnie Lass (Reel)
1 IV. Traditional Strathspey (Strathspey)
1 New Bedford Reel(Reel)
1 Pretty Peggy (Reel)
1 V. Wilfred’s Fiddle (Jig)
1 The Harbourview (Jig)
1 VI. Athole Cummers (Strathspey)
1 Flora MacDonald (Reel)
1 Prince Charlie (Reel)
2 VII. Lord Rothes (Strathspey)
2 Traditional Strathspey (Strathspey)
2 The Braes of Tulleymet (Strathspey)
2 Tullochgorum(Strathspey)
2 Paresis (Reel)
2 Paddy On The Turnpike(Reel)
2 The East Neuk Of Fife (Reel)
2 West Mabour (Reel)
2 VIII. King George IV (Strathspey)
2 King George V (Strathspey)
2 The Old King’s Reel (Reel)
2 The King’s Reel (Reel)
2 Traditional Reel (Reel)
2 IX. Tasm Bain’s Lum (Hornpipe)
2 The Ladie’s Hornpipe (Hornpiope)
2 X. Space Available (March)
2 Buddy MacMaster (Strathspey)
2 The Joys of Mabou Mines (Reel)
2 The ’38 Ford (Reel)
2 Passion Flower (Hornpipe)
2 XI. Traditional Jig (Jig)
2 Traditional Reel (Reel)
2 XII. Allowa Kirk (Strathspey)
2 Traditional Strathspey (Strathpey)
2 Princess Royal(Reel)
2 Douglas’ Favourite (Hornpipe)
2 XIII. Jerry’s Beaver Hat (Jig)
2 Catherine MacIsaac Wedding (Jig)
2 Long Point (Jig)

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