MacDonald, Howie

Howie MacDonald

Not an mp3 fanatic yet but might become one as MP3 album prices continue to feature sales – MP3s on sale at Amazon


What I have in my Cassette Collection.

The Celidh Trail

1 Willow Tree (Reel)
1 Sutherland’s (Reel)
1 Donegal (Reel)
1 Kenmure’s Awa (Jig)
1 Murray River Bridge (Jig)
1 Jerry Holland’s (jig)
1 Lady Doune (Strathspey)
1 Lennox To Balntyre (Strathspey)
1 Dan Galbey’s (Reel)
1 Sister Dolena Beaty’s (Reel)
1 Gramin (Hornpipe)
1 Jabe Meadow (Hornpipe)
1 Compliments To Doug McPhee (Hornpipe)
1 A Memory Of Angus (Jig)
1 Charlie MacCuspic’s (Jig)
1 The Piper Whim (Jig)
1 Loch Na Gar (Strathspey)
1 Clark Road (March)
1 The Bag O’Gight (Strathspey)
1 The Witch (Reel)
1 Biodagair MacThomas (Reel)
1 Betty Matheson’s (Jig)
1 Mike Saunder’s (Jig)
1 Swinging On Home (Jig)
1 The Silver Spear (Reel)
1 The White Leaf (Reel)
1 Skye Boat Song (Trad. Arr.)
1 Cheticamp (Reel)
1 Dave MacNeil’s (Reel)
1 Miss Smyth Of Methevans (reel)
1 Locharber Gathering (March)
1 The Kame’s Lassies (Strathspey)
1 Hayfield House (Reel)
1 Joe Moroze’s (Reel)
2 The Cape Breton Symphony (Strathspey)
2 The Jolly Begggar Man (Reel)
2 Irish Reel
2 John Howat’s (Reel)
2 Lady Montgomery (Reel)
2 Gandy Dancers (Reel)
2 Uncle Victor’s (Reel)
2 Miss Ann Campbell (Jig)
2 The Green Tree (Jig)
2 The “Buddy” Jig (Reel)
2 A Dam R. Favorite (Jig)
2 Portland Fancy (Jig)
2 Cronin’s Favorite (Jig)
2 Far From Home (Reel)
2 The Ale IS Dear (Reel)
2 The High Reel
2 Happy TO Meet, Sorry To Part (Strathspey)
2 The Devil In The Kitchen (Strathspey)
2 King George IV (Strathspey)
2 King Geroge IV (Reel)
2 The Old King’s (Reel)
2 The Reconciliation (Reel)
2 Lady Glen Orchy (Reel)
2 The Magnetic Reel/Sean Maguire’s Reel
2 Compliments To Sean Maguire (Clog)
2 Swiss Cheese (Hornpipe)
2 Compliments TO Doug MacPhee (Hornpipe)
2 Celtic Cousins (Hornpipe)
2 Harvey Beaton’s (Strathspey)
2 Miss Lyle (Strathspey)
2 The Old Man & The Old Woman (Strathspey)
2 The Cavity Investigator’s (Reel)
2 The Fashion Which The Ladies Have (Reel)
2 Lots Of Pretty Girls
2 Ciarne Tourish (Reel)
2 Brennan MacDonald’s (Reel)

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