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Luba (born Luba Kowalchyk, 1958, Montreal, Quebec, Canada) is a Canadian musician, singer, songwriter and recording artist. She was commercially active from 1980 to 1990, 2000 to 2001 and is active again from 2007 to present. She was initially the vocalist for a band named Luba before signing as a solo artist under the one-name moniker. She has released a total of six albums as a solo artist.

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What LUBA music I have in my cassette collection.

Between The Earth And Sky

1 Strength In Numbers
1 How Many
1 What You Believe
1 Even In The Darkest Moments
1 Back To Emotion
2 Act Of Mercy
2 Innocent (With An Explanation)
2 Take It Like A Woman
2 Lay Down Your Love
2 Between the Earth And Sky

Secrets And Sins

1 Secrets And Sins
1 Everyone
1 I See Your Picture
1 Let It Go
1 Sacrificial Heart
1 Still The Voices
2 Young Guns
2 One With You
2 Private Wars
2 Storm Before The Calm
2 Resurrect The Love

All or Nothing

1 Wild Hearts
1 On My Way
1 Giving Away A Miracle
1 No More Words
1 As Good As It Gets
1 Too Much Of A Good Thing
2 Little Salvation
2 In Trouble Again
2 Milena
2 Promise Me Anything
2 Bringing It All Back Home

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