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Londonbeat was originally a UK and American R&B and Dance band who scored a number of pop and dance hits in the early 1990s.

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What Londonbeat music I have in my cassette collection.

In The Blood

1 I’ve Been Thinking About You
1 A Better Love
1 No Woman No Cry
1 It’s In The Blood
1 Getcha Ya Ya
2 She Broke My Heart (in 36 places)
2 She Said She Loves Me
2 This Is Your Life
2 Crying in The Rain
2 In An I Love You Mood
2 You Love And Learn


1 Come Back
1 Brother Trouble
1 You Make Me Do Things
1 Being With You
1 Build It With Love
2 Can’t Help Wishing Back Yesterday
2 Hero In My Eyes
2 Perfect Skin
2 If Jesus Sang The Blues
2 Be There For Me
2 I Want To Change All This

Londonbeat A Better Love (cassette single)
Londonbeat A Better Love (cassette single)
1 A Better Love
2 *** Same****

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