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BareNaked Ladies
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A short summary from Wiki: (More WIKI info here: WIKI – BARENAKED LADIES)
Barenaked Ladies (often abbreviated BNL or occasionally BnL) is a Canadian alternative rock band. The band is currently composed of Jim Creeggan, Kevin Hearn, Ed Robertson, and Tyler Stewart. Barenaked Ladies formed in 1988 in Scarborough, Ontario, then a suburban municipality outside the City of Toronto. They are best known for their hit singles, “One Week”, “The Old Apartment”, “Pinch Me”, “If I Had $1000000”, and “Brian Wilson”; they have won multiple Juno Awards and been nominated for Grammy Awards. They are also known for their light-hearted, comedic performance style. Their live shows are known for humorous banter between songs and improvised raps/songs, both of which are staples at virtually every concert. Original keyboardist Andy Creeggan left the band in 1995, and founding member Steven Page departed in 2009.

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What BareNaked Ladies/em> music I have in my cassette collection.


1 Hello City
1 Enid
1 Grade 9
1 Brian Wilson
1 Be My Yoko Ono
1 Wrap Your Arms Around Me
1 What a Good Boy
1 The King of Bedside Manor
2 Box Set
2 I Love You
2 New Kid (On the Block)
2 Blame It On Me
2 The Flag
2 If I Had $1000000
2 Crazy

Born On A Pirate Ship

1 Stomach vs Heart
1 Straw hat And Old Dirty Hank
1 I Know
1 This I Where It Ends
1 When I Fall
1 I Live With It Every Day
1 The Old Apartment
2 Call Me Calmly
2 Break Your Hear
2 Spider In My Room
2 Same Thing
2 Just A Toy
2 In The Drink
2 Shoe Box


1 One Week
1 It’s All Been Done
1 Light Up My Room
1 I’ll Be That Girl
1 Leave
1 Alcohol
1 Call and Answer
2 In The Car
2 Never Is Enough
2 Who Needs Sleep
2 Told You So
2 Some Fantastic
2 When You Dream

Maybe You Should Drive

1 Jane
1 Intermittently
1 These Apples
1 You Will Be Waiting
1 A
1 Everything Old Is New Again
2 Alternative Girlfriend
2 Am I The Only One?
2 Little Tiny Song
2 Life, In A Nutshell
2 The Wrong Man Was Convicted
2 Great Provider

Barenaked Ladies (The Yellow Tape)

1 Be My Yoko Ono
1 Brian Wilson
1 Blame It On Me
1 If I Had $1000000
1 Fight The Power
2 same as side1

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