Kershaw, Nick

Nick Kershaw
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A short summary from Wiki: (More WIKI info here: WIKI – NICK KERSHAW)
Nik Kershaw (born Nicholas David Kershaw; 1 March 1958) is an English singer-songwriter. The one time jazz-funk guitarist was a mid-1980s teen idol. His 50 weeks on the UK Singles Chart in 1984 beat all other soloists. Kershaw appeared at Live Aid, and penned hits for Let Loose, The Hollies and a #1 for Chesney Hawkes, “The One and Only”.

Not an mp3 fanatic yet but might become one as MP3 album prices continue to feature sales – MP3s on sale at Amazon

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What Nick Kershaw music I have in my cassette collection.

Human Racing

1 Dancing Girls
1 Wouldn’t It Be Good
1 Drum Talk
1 Bogart
1 Gone To Pieces
2 Shame On You
2 Cloak And Dagger
2 Faces
2 I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me
2 Human Racing

The Riddle

1 Don Quixote
1 Know How
1 You Might
1 Wild Horses
1 Easy
2 The Riddle
2 City Of Angels
2 Roses
2 Wide Boy
2 Save The Whale

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