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Bon Jovi
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Bon Jovi is an American hard rock band from Sayreville, New Jersey. Formed in 1983, Bon Jovi consists of lead singer and namesake Jon Bon Jovi (John Francis Bongiovi, Jr.), guitarist Richie Sambora, keyboardist David Bryan, drummer Tico Torres, as well as current bassist Hugh McDonald. The band’s lineup has remained mostly static during their history, the only exception being the departure of Alec John Such in 1994, who was unofficially replaced by Hugh McDonald. The band became known for writing several rock anthems and achieved widespread recognition with their third album, Slippery When Wet, released in 1986. After touring and recording non-stop during the late 1980s, the band went on hiatus after the New Jersey Tour in 1990, during which time Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora both released successful solo albums.

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What Bon Jovi music I have in my cassette collection.

Slippery When Wet

1 Let It Rock
1 You Give Love A Bad Name
1 Livn’ On A Prayer
1 Social Disease
1 Wanted Dead Or Alive
2 Raise Your Hands
2 Without Love
2 I’d Die For You
2 Never Say Goodbye
2 Wild In The Streets

Blaze Of Glory

1 Billy Get Your Guns
1 Miracle
1 Blaze OF Glory
1 Blood Money
1 Santa Fe
2 Justice In The Barre
2 Never Say Die
2 You Really Got Me Now
2 Bang A Drum
2 Dyin’ Ain’t Much Of A Livin’
2 Guano City

7800 Fahrenheit

1 In And Out Of Love
1 Price Of Love
1 Only Lonely
1 King Of The Mountain
1 Silent Night
2 Tokyo Road
2 Hardest Part Is The Night
2 Always Run To You
2 To the Fire
2 Secret Dreams

Keep The Faith

1 I Believe
1 Keep The Faith
1 I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead
1 In Theses Arms
1 Bed Of Roses
1 If I Was Your Mother
2 Dry County
2 Woman In Love
2 Fear
2 I Want You
2 Blame It On the Love Of Rock & Roll
2 Little Bit Of Soul


1 Livin’ On A Prayer
1 Keep The Faith
1 Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night
1 Always
1 Wanted Dead or Alive
1 Lay Your Hands On Me
1 You Give Love A Bad Name
2 Bed Of Roses
2 Blaze Of Glory
2 Prayer ’94
2 Bad Medicine
2 I’ll Be There For You
2 In and Out of Love
2 Runaway

New Jersey

1 Lay Your Hands On Me
1 Bad Medicine
1 Born TO Be My Baby
1 Living In Sin
1 Blood On Blood
2 Homebound Train
2 Wild Is The Wind
2 Ride Cowboy Ride
2 Stick To Your Guns
2 I’ll Be There For You
2 99 In The Shade
2 Love For Sale

Bon Jovi

1 Runaway
1 Roulette
1 She Don’t Know Me
1 Shot Through The Heart
1 Love Lies
2 Breakout
2 Burning For Love
2 Come Back
2 Get Ready

Bed Of Roses

1 Bed Of Roses
2 Lay Your Hands On Me

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