Hart, Corey

Corey Hart
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A short summary from Wiki: (More Wiki info here: WIKI – COREY HART)
Corey Mitchell Hart (born May 31, 1962) is a Canadian musician, best known for such hit singles “Sunglasses at Night” and “Never Surrender”. At 13, he sang for Tom Jones and recorded with Paul Anka in Las Vegas and, at 19, recorded demos with Billy Joel and Eric Clapton before signing to a major label at the age of 20.

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What Corey Hart music I have in my cassette collection.

Fields Of Fire

1 I Am By Your Side
1 Dancin’ With My Mirror
1 Take My Heart
1 Angry Young Man
1 Goin’ Home
1 Can’t Help Fallin’ In Love
2 Broken Arrow
2 Political Cry
2 Is It Too Late?
2 Jimmy Rae
2 Blind Faith


1 A Little Love
1 Bang! (Starting Over)
1 Rain On Me
1 Chase The Sun
1 Diamond Cowboy
2 Icon
2 Can’t Stand Losin’ You
2 Kisses On The Train
2 Art Of Color
2 Slowburn
2 Ballade For Mien Cheng

First Offense

1 Sunglasses At Night
1 Peruvian Lady
1 She Got The Radio
1 It Ain’t Enough
1 Araby (She’s Just A Girl)
2 Does She Love You
2 Cheatin’ In School
2 Lamp At Midnite
2 The World Is Fire
2 At The Dance
2 Jenny Fey

Boy In The Box

1 Boy In The Box
1 Komrad Kiev
1 Never Surrender
1 Sunny Place – Shady People
1 Eurasian Eyes
2 Everything In My Heart
2 Silent Talking
2 Waiting For You
2 Water From The Moon

Young Man Running

1 Don’t Take Me To The Racetrack
1 In Your Soul
1 Truth Will Set You Free
1 Chase The Sun
1 So It Goes
1 Still In Love
2 Spot You In A Colamine
2 Lone Wolf
2 No Love Lost
2 Crossroad Caravan
2 Chippin’ Away

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