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The Rankin Family
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A short summary from Wiki: (More Wiki info here: WIKI – THE RANKIN FAMILY)
The Rankin Family is a Canadian musical family group from Mabou, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. The group has won many Canadian music awards, including 15 East Coast Music Awards, six Juno Awards, four SOCAN Awards, three Canadian Country Music Awards and two Big Country Music Awards.

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Vinyl – none found June 2011
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What The Rankin Family music I have in my cassette collection.

Endless Seasons

1 As I Roved Out
1 The River
1 Natives
1 Oganaich An Or-fhuilt Ghuidhe/Am Braighe
1 Forty Days And Nights
1 Eyes Of Margaret
2 You Feel The Same Way Too
2 Endless Seasons
2 Padstow
2 Blue Eyed Suzie
2 Your Boat’s Lost At Sea

Fare Thee Well Love

1 Orangeville Whistle
1 An T-Each Ruadh (The Red Horse)
1 Fair And Tender Ladies
1 Fiddle Medley
1 – Lime Hill
1 – Keep The Country Bonnie Lassie
1 – Jack Daniel’s Reel
1 – Little Donald In The Pig Pen
1 Fisherman’s Son
2 Tell My Ma
2 You Left A Flower
2 Fare Thee Well Love
2 Gillis Mountain
2 Gaelic Medley:
2 – Mo Shuil’ Ad’ Dheidh
2 – Buain A’ Rainich
2 – He Mo Leannan
2 – Fail ‘Il O
2 Tripper’s Jig

The Rankin Family

1 Mo Run Geal, Dileas
1 Lonely Island
1 Loving Arms
1 Piano Medley
1 Mairi’s Wedding
2 Roving Gypsy Boy
2 Chi Mi Na Morbheanna
2 Fiddle Medley
2 Lament of the Irish Immigrant
2 Jigging Medley

North Country

1 Norh Country
1 Oich U Agus H-Turatbh Eile (Love Song)
1 Borders And Time
1 Mull River Shuffle
1 Lisa Brown
1 Ho Ro MoNighean Donn Bhoidheach (Ho No My Nut Brown Maiden)
2 Tramp Miner
2 Rise Again
2 Leis An Lurgainn (Boat Song)
2 Christy Campbell Medley
2 Saved On the Arms
2 Johnny Tulloch
2 Turn That Boat Around


1 Movin’ On
1 Let It Go
1 Bells
1 Maybe You’re Right
1 Long Way To Go
1 Cold Winds
1 Weddings, Wakes And Funerals
2 One Day I Walk
2 Parlour Medley
2 Oh How I Love Thee
2 Tailor’s Daughter
2 The Happy Isle
2 Greenberg Medley
2 Farewell To Lochaber

Grey Dusk of Eve

1 Grey Dusk Of Eve
1 The Ballad Of Malcolm Murray
1 An Teid Thu
1 Leam
1 A Mhairi
1 Twin Fiddle Medley
1 Sir James Baird
2 Grey Dusk Of Eve
2 The Ballad Of Malcolm Murray
2 An Teid Thu
2 Leam
2 A Mhairi
2 Twin Fiddle Medley
2 Sir James Baird

The Rankin Family Collection

1 Roving Gypsy Boy (Remix)
1 Borders and Time
1 Down By The Sally Gardens
1 Christie Campbell Medley
1 Orangedale Whistle
1 Rise Again
1 You Feel The Same Way Too
2 Grey Dusk Of Eve (Portbello)
2 North Country
2 Fail ll E (Oran Luadhaidh)
2 Gillis Mountain
2 Fare Thee Well Love
2 Mull River Shuffle (Live)

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